Please join us to celebrate our 6th ThanksLiving Holiday Vegan Dinner on Sunday, November 18th with a Special Presentation by Dr. Will Tuttle.  Dinner will be served at a(MUSE.).  Stimulate your palate with savory vegan dishes served by local renown restaurants including G Rehoboth, Indigo, Cuvee Ray, Fork and Flask at Nage, Taco Reho, grandpa (MAC), Crooked Hammock and a(MUSE.).

Reserve your tickets here.

ThanksLIVING takes place every year on the Sunday before Thanksgiving and is one of the signature events hosted by VegRehoboth. See you on Sunday, November 18th!  

Check out ThanksLIVING from 2015 – “A Sparkling Success” and 2016 – “Fucusing on Compassion.”