What’s Cookin’ with Cave Girl…

Upon entering the home of this month’s What’s Cookin’ dinner hostess, Denise Vansant, we were greeted by a woman with the most perfect curls and fancy eyeglasses. She made us feel comfy right away. Denise offered us cucumber and rosemary infused water. We quickly realized her passion for local, healthy food when she told us that all the veggies in the ceviche were from nearby Rehoboth Beach Farmers’ Market. This hunting and gathering would explain her business name, Cave Girl. I was happy to hear she cooks for small dinner parties. I made sure to grab a few of her business cards. With her talent and enthusiasm, my next shindig would be a real hit! Next came the most refreshing, tangy apple, pistachio salad. LOVE! The main course was an eggplant cake. So clever. The lentils made it a nice texture, as you and I know eggplant tends to be mushy. The mushrooms wrapped around it were an added bonus. The dinner table conversation flowed easily, as all the guests were interesting and excited to be there. The delightful, VegRehoboth president, Tara Sheldon –  ever one to want to share the joys of all things veg – was thrilled at the sold out turn out. To top off the evening, dessert was like a bubble wrap popping party in my mouth. A new experience that I welcomed. Chia seed pudding. Yum!!! These little things are packed with loads of healthy things and Denise educated us on all of them. Deeeelightful! I am already looking forward to next month’s event. I left feeling inspired to research a few veg recipes and have a signature dish of my own in the near future.

Cindy W., Certified Veg Rookie

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