What’s Cookin’ Mexican Fiesta Style with Dorothy Greet

Upon entering the monthly What’s Cookin’ dinner party hosted by VegRehoboth, I was greeted by a distinguished gentleman who offered me a delicious glass of blended red wine. I had looked forward to this Mexican Fiesta for weeks. Not wasting any time, I put some homemade  chips in a bowl and topped half with the fresh Watermelon Pico de Gallo, and chose a fruity salsa from the line up, to coat the other half of my chips. I took a seat and dove in. Oh, and holy guacamole! Let’s not forget to mention this yummy favorite!
I joined some friendly faces at the table and quickly a conversation began about the best books on healthy eating. How Not To Die and The China Study, to name a few. Then I heard the voice of our host, Dorothy Greet. It was a mix between Mae West and a school teacher. She was pointing to an open cookbook, in case we wanted to have a look at a recipe. Next came the Ezekiel burrito bowls which had been baked in the oven. We lined up at the kitchen counter to make a masterpiece of  Mexican delight topped with lots of cilantro.
 The home of the Greet’s was great. There was plenty of room for our group to settle in and feel like we were there for a family holiday meal. I could have stayed for a weekend easily. Luckily I got a few moments to catch up with Dorothy in between courses. It didn’t take but a few moments to see that she is the real deal. A strong but humble woman of God, who has spent her life serving and teaching. She told me that five years ago she was on death’s door from suffering a heart attack, but today, she could climb a mountain, just from changing her diet! If that story doesn’t make you jump on board the VegRehoboth train, next stop Healthville, I don’t know what will.  Which leads me to be so thankful that Tara Sheldon, the president of VegRehoboth,  is on a life mission to plan events like this dinner so we can all learn and experience first hand what eating a whole food plant based diet is all about. I am quickly learning that by taking this path, I’m not missing  out on anything. I am only gaining a whole new way of enjoying delicious substitutes like, Chocolate Dream Cream! Made with frozen bananas, no guilt involved. This was our dessert to top off a lovely evening with like minded people.
Cindy W., Certified Veg Rookie
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