VegFest returns to Gallery 50 with Dino and Dart

Rehoboth Beach VegFest 2017 continues the weekend of activities with an evening art show Saturday, June 10, at Gallery 50, 50 Wilmington Ave., downtown Rehoboth from 6 to 8 pm. Gallery 50 is delighted to feature works by Dino and Dart, two Massachusetts-based artists whose art reflects their passionate involvement in life and protection of our planet.   The Cultured Pearl restaurant is donating mouth-watering plant-based appetizers.  Buntopia, a 2-person band and a VegFest favorite, will be offering jazz/rock musical accompaniment for the evening.
Dino and Dart’s work is known worldwide.  As activists they are committed to protecting and healing our planet and their art reflects this passion.  Bold, vibrant, multi-layered, and complex, the art of Dino and Dart draws in the viewer searching for commonality of connection and meaning.  One powerful source of inspiration is the mandala, a circular pattern that invites contemplation and creates energy with its colorful and imaginative imagery.
 Dino and Dart travel the world showing and creating their art and, in Dino’s case, performing with his band IREPRESS which he started as a neighborhood band in 1998.  Their work is timeless and timely, a call to ‘come closer’ and become involved, in the art and in life.  “The animals we meet we treat as family….We all must do our part in protecting Mother Earth,” says Dino.  The art of Dino and Dart is a perfect fit for Rehoboth Beach VegFest.
Gallery 50 opened in 2007 and is an integral part of downtown Rehoboth Beach.  The Gallery features works from renowned and emerging artists, both locally and from around the world.  Art in the gallery is in a range of mediums and includes paintings, jewelry, glass, sculptures, ceramics, and mixed media.  Gallery 50 is available for private events and also features award-winning master framer, Ed McGann.
Buntopia is a 2-person band: Colleen Orozco on vocals and Gary Lowenthal on guitar.  They perform a wide range of music, from rock to blues to jazz.  Both Colleen and Gary are passionate activists – Gary is co-founder of Compassion for Animals – who live their commitment to a plant-based lifestyle.  Buntopia will also be performing in the Music Tent during the Rehoboth Beach VegFest Saturday June 10 at Epworth United Methodist Church.  Festival guests can ride Jolly Trolley free from the Rehoboth Bandstand. 
Rehoboth Beach VegFest 2017 is hosted by VegRehoboth, which was founded in 2012 by Patricia Haddock and Tara Sheldon.  The organization has grown to include over 550 members with a wide variety of activities.  Rehoboth Beach VegFest and ThanksLiving, a compassionate celebration held in late November, are the two signature events of VegRehoboth.  Rehoboth Beach VegFest has become an annual tradition for locals as well as tourists.  The wide array of activities throughout the weekend of June 9-11 and the exciting festival day, Saturday, June 10, are well attended, drawing increasing crowds every year.   VegRehoboth also has a book club, discount shopping at Good Earth Market in honor of Meatless Mondays, a monthly program of dinner and conversation, and more.  As president Tara Sheldon says, “Rehoboth Beach VegFest and VegRehoboth are simply reflections of the growing interest in a compassionate, plant-based, and environmentally aware lifestyle.  Research continues to support the benefits in human and planetary health of shifting our focus toward plant-based living. First-time visitors toRehoboth Beach VegFest will be amazed at the vibrant foods and ideas.  Come join us!”