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Smarter than dogs, highly social, love to cuddle, recognize their mother’s voices….

Confined in unimaginable ways (7′ x 2′ cages for their entire lives), never see the light of day, unable to even turn around….

Eating processed meat like ham and bacon increases your risk of cancer, heart disease…

Raising animals for food requires massive amounts of land, food, energy, and water, and pollutes our waters with urine and feces….

THE LAST PIG is a lyrical meditation on what it means to be a sentient creature with the power to kill. Deeply immersive, the film is a contemplation on life, death and personal ethics as it follows a pig farmer grappling with his conscience. Through sparse, intimate musings, the farmer reveals the growing conflict of a life spent “peddling in death” – one he can no longer live with. The pace of the film is unhurried, allowing the viewer to experience and absorb life on the farm, the herds of pigs – so clearly intelligent and trusting, the steel and concrete slaughterhouse, and the ghosts. With bittersweet detail, against the stunning backdrop of upstate New York, THE LAST PIG is a documentary that offers an entirely new view of small-scale livestock farming, and raises crucial questions about the ethics of eating.”

Rehoboth Beach VegFest is proud to screen this important film this year!

G Restaurant will be providing appetizers.

Come join us Friday, May 17th at 6 pm at the Lewes Public Library!

Registration required.  Film screening is free.  Suggested donation $10 per person.  Please donate what you can to support Rehoboth Beach VegFest!

VegFest Appetizers and Film: The Last Pig

VegFest Appetizers and Film: The Last Pig

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