Veg WinterFest! THIS Sunday!

EVERYONE is welcome to come visit the exhibitors at any time. Seating for the presentations is full.

Organic Gardening, Film Screening, Speakers, Food, Holistic Health, Vendors…. all under one roof!

 11 Organic Gardening with Dittmar Farms
FREE Breakfast Tasting: gettaPIZZAthis, Good Earth Market

 12 Film: Forks over Knives

Lunch: gettaPIZZAthis, Good Earth Market, grandpa (MAC)

 2 Panel: “The Impact of What We Plant, Eat, Breathe, & Drink on Our Health”
Chris Bason, DE Center for the Inland Bays, Lori Beinhauer, author Vegan Picnic, Zack Dittmar, Dittmar Family Farms, Charles Garlow, Citizens Climate Lobby, Julie Harrigan, Twist Juice Bar

 3 Holistic Heath: “Time for Joy: Investing in Your Mind/Body/Spirit”
Dr. Kim Furtado, Quakertown Wellness
Erin Shivone, Lanikai Wellness