October Book Club – “The World Peace Diet”

“The World Peace Diet” by Will Tuttle
Eating for spiritual health and social harmony

Will Tuttle, a gifted writer and speaker, will be the guest speaker at our ThanksLiving celebration on Sunday November 18. (Tickets are available at http://vegrehoboth.org/)

“The World Peace Diet” is filled with wisdom and compassion. Every page is poetic. The book helps the reader understand the importance of making connections and how all forms of oppression are connected.

“Will’s astonishing insights prove so beautifully how inextricably linked is the suffering of animals with the war, violence, and terrorism now ravaging our Earth. This book is a necessary catalyst for the transformation of human consciousness as it evolves from the domination and exploitation mindset to a mindset of communion, cooperation, and reverence.”
Judy Carmen, author of “Peace to All Beings”

“The World Peace Diet” is outstanding. It has raised the bar in the understanding of diet’s role in the order of all life on planet Earth. Reading this book will arm you with the information to become part of the solution and not part of the problem.”
Howard Lyman, author of “Mad Cowboy”

“Will Tuttle’s impassioned writing provides not only the moral framework for a peaceful diet, but also hope for a peaceful world.”
Zoe Weil, President of Institute for Humane Education

“As Ghandi observed, our fork can be a weapon of violence. Will Tuttle reminds us of this simple truth and invites us to keep violence off our plate by adopting a vegan way of being in the world. Everyone who works for peace will gain knowledge and draw inspiration from this book.” Tom Regan, author of “Empty Cages: Facing the
Challenge of Animal Rights”