FYI – Meatless Mondays 10% off Shopping Day at Good Earth Market Rehoboth

Good Earth Market Meatless Monday 10 % off Shopping Day – first Monday of every month……with casual tours of products, Q&A by friendly, knowledgable staff, and free samples of delicious veg food.

Want to learn more about the amazing meat-free products out there? Want tips on how to prepare them, and add healthy plant-based foods to your diet?

If you’ve never heard of ‘seitan’, or don’t know how to cook it, stop on by. How about juicy, flavorful Beer Brats, or Italian Sausage…yep, they’re Vegan, and awesome! Get some great cooking tips…wonderful manager and home chef Lori will get your creativity flowing!

There are free Veg Starter Guides there too – see you there!