December Book Club

“The Lost Religion of Jesus” by Keith Akers
Simple Living and Non-Violence in Early Christianity

This book is important reading for those who would like a deeper understanding of how early Christianity was influenced by politics and pragmatics to become the religion we see today.

Keith Akers uncovers the history of Jewish Christianity. He argues that only by really understanding this mysterious and misunderstood strand of early Christianity can we get to the heart of the radical message of Jesus of Nazareth.

Jewish Christianity consisted of those early Christians who followed the teachings of Jesus, as they understood him, and also remained loyal to the Jewish law of Moses, as they understood it.

The Jewish Christians considered Jesus to be the “true prophet” who would lead the people back to the eternal law that commands simple living and non-violence.

When the larger gentile Christian church drove out Jewish Christianity, it also lost the core of Jesus’ teachings. The values of simple living and non-violence became increasingly marginalized in a church that came to accept the very materialism and violence against which Jesus had protested.

“Keith Akers seeks to rediscover the Jesus who said: ‘Nobility is no more than humble service to the Creator and kindness to all creatures’.”
John Robbins, author of “Diet for a New America”