August Book Club – “Walking with Peety”

“Walking with Peety” by Eric O’Grey with Mark Dagostino

Eric O’Grey was 150 pounds overweight, depressed, and sick. After a lifetime of failed diet attempts and the onset of type 2 diabetes, O’Grey went to a new doctor who gave him two prescriptions. She prescribed a whole-food, plant-based diet; and that he adopt a dog from an animal shelter. He was desperate at this point in his life and had resolved to follow this doctor’s orders.

The woman Eric spoke to from the shelter found the perfect dog for him. Peety was an overweight, middle-aged, forgotten dog who, like O’Grey, had seen better days

The two adopted each other and began an incredible journey, forming a bond of unconditional love that forever changed their lives. Over the course of their first year together, O’Grey lost 150 pounds and Peety lost 25. As a result, O’Grey reversed his diabetes, got off all medication, and became happy and healthy for the first time in his life.