April Book Club

 “The Inner Art of Vegetarianism:  Spritual Practices for Body and Soul”

        By Carol J. Adams 

“Author and activist Carol Adams explores the inner life of spiritual growth with the outer life of practical compassion.  She shows how the reasons for becoming a vegetarian to promote health, care for other animals, and express concern for the environment are deeply wedded to spiritual practice.

Adams reveals how the practice of creating mindfulness and disciplining the mind meshes  with becoming an activist for non-violence and shows how in our busy and stressed out world it is essential to sustain and replenish the soul through spiritual discipline.  Adams discusses breath awareness, meditation, yoga, journaling and dream work as examples of how to keep true to yourself and your beliefs, maintain your mental equilibrium, and prepare truly delicious meals with thoughtfulness and care.  This is an important book for those who wish to have their soul nourished and follow the spiritual path of vegetarianism.”