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Andrea Jones

On LIVING with cancer

Andrea Jones, MSW has been living with breast cancer now for 15 years. Andrea, affectionately known also as “AJ” the sax player from Red Letter Day was told twice in her life, “you’re cured” and now faced with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer which has been a game changer, she realized, she was never cured. Andrea, a single, working mother of her 10 year old son, will explain how she is negotiating her cancer with food, positivity, sleep, clean water, and movement. Instead of looking at life as ending in 2-3 years, Andrea believes this diagnosis is an opportunity to understand how to live a new type of normal and feels she DOES NOT have an expiration date on her life that anyone can predict.

Dr. Krista Griffin

Minds Over Matter

Dr. Griffin is a Chiropractor and the owner of Lotus Chiropractic in Lewes. Throughout her 18 year career, Dr. Griffin has focused on understanding and tapping into the mind-body connection. Her method of treatment relies heavily on the body’s inherent ability to heal itself, and Dr. Griffin guides her patients to access this power with hands-on work, through education and the principles of quantum physics. Her interest in mindfulness came through the realization that her own child didn’t have the tools to be able to calm himself in stressful situations.

Hari Cameron

Chef, owner grandpa (MAC) and a(muse)

Hari Cameron graduated at the top of his class from the prestigious Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a degree in Culinary Arts. While in college, Hari held the position of sous chef at the acclaimed Nage Restaurant in Rehoboth Beach Delaware. He worked at Nage for eight years and became executive chef after four years. In time, he helped to open Nage DC, Abbott’s grill in Milford, Delaware, and Big Chill Surf Cantina in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.
Hari had a ten-year goal to open his own restaurant before the time he was 30. In 2012 He achieved his dreams and opened a(MUSE.) inspired food & drink. At a(MUSE.) Hari honors classic technique and combines it with a modern approach to create a progressive mid-Atlantic cuisine. After his first year open, Hari received a Rising Star Chef nomination from the James Beard Foundation. The following year, Hari Received the Restaurateur of the Year award from the Delaware Restaurant Association. Hari has also won Best Chef, Best Pastry, and Best Small Plates from Delaware’s Today Magazine. In 2015 Hari opened his second restaurant: a quick serve pasta concept called grandpa (MAC.) with his brother, Orion Cameron and their business partner. The concept was a quick success and the second, larger location of grandpa (MAC) was opened in September 2017.

Laurie Elseroad

Laurie Elseroad serves as the National Volunteer Coordinator at The Humane League. Prior to working for THL, she volunteered with them for four years, leafleting, tabling, and more! As a passionate vegetarian and then vegan for the animals from the young age of 12, Laurie now helps others use their passion to get involved in effective advocacy.

Dorothy Greet

Returning to Rehoboth Beach VegFest for the third time, Lewes DE-based Dorothy Greet is a sought-after speaker, teacher, and blogger for the Cape Gazette. At age 70, a heart attack turned this retired clergy woman’s life upside down. Now with a Cornell certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition in one hand and THE CHINA STUDY by T. COLIN CAMPBELL, PH.D., in the other, Dorothy Greet’s goal is to educate others about the extraordinary health benefits of Whole Food Plant-Based Eating and the damaging impact of the Western Diet.

Leah Beach

I’m just another person on this planet this doing what they can to make it a little better than how they discovered it. I am on this incredible journey traveling the world to change the perspective of others through my own vision. I am a photographer, an artist a humanitarian. I want to inspire social change by showing the world something different.

Colleen Orozco

Colleen Orozco started singing and performing at the age of 4. She has been the featured vocalist with groups playing styles from classical to rock to show tunes to jazz. In her words, “Music comes from the heart, where our most profound feelings live. Great songs are in every genre, but they all have deep emotion in common.” When she is not singing or cooking up a vegan storm, Colleen is an enthusiastic gardener and backyard birder.

Gary Loewenthal

Gary Loewenthal is founder of the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale, co-founder of Compassion for Animals, the author of several magazine articles on animal advocacy, and a long-time grassroots vegan activist. He’s been a professional performing and recording musician for over 40 years.

Alex Razze

Alex features an eclectic mix of classic rock and folk covers from the 60s, 70s, and occasionally a tune or two from this century. Since moving to southern Delaware in ’08, Alex has embraced the local music scene performing solo or collaborating with some of the area’s finest musicians at nightclubs, music venues, fundraisers, benefits and private events.

Check out Alex’s Heart of Gold (Tom Petty Cover) by Out On A Weeknight Performed Live @ Hope Is Best 2016 @ The Pond in Rehoboth Beach Delaware.

Kaleb Brown

Kaleb Brown is a reggae artist and popular acoustic performer from Ocean City, MD who has performed at venues along the East Coast in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and North Carolina. Look out for his upcoming album of originals, “The Rootz Movement” and check out as video here!


Check out more about Evangelina on her Facebook page or listen to her music on YouTube.

Free Spirited Foundation

Free Spirited Foundation’s mission is to make integrative healing accessible to ALL. The team takes yoga, meditation, reiki and inspirational talks and workshops to various locations in the Delaware beach area;  Answering the call of businesses, administrators, schools and more who’ve had the desire to host these offerings at their sites the Free Spirited aims to spread love to as many members of the community as they can, helping them to find their Free Spirited selves.

The Free Spirited team also works to connect various Mind-Body and integrative practitioners with opportunities to share their unique gifts and offerings.

Dr. Kim Furtado

An expert in herbal medicine, nutrition, detoxification and hormone balancing, a mother of five daughters and three grandchildren, a school garden program director, and an advocate for the environment, Dr. Kim brings her diverse experience to each patient and student.
Kim D. Furtado, N.D. received her Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (N.D.) degree from Bastyr University in Kenmore, Washington. (www.bastyr.edu) She also holds a Bachelor of Science Cum Laude in Biology from George Washington University in Washington, D.C.
Inspired by the healing power of earth-based natural medicine, Dr. Furtado is dedicated to continued education and research about health, healing and medicine..

Erin Shivone

Erin Shivone, owner of Just Be Holistic Wellness in Lewes, Delaware, began
her journey into massage and bodywork after experiencing first-hand how
beneficial it is to the body and soul. In 2008 she graduated from the Aloha
Institute of Massage and Healing Arts and promptly opened her first studio
in Kailua, Hawaii. Her teachers instilled in her the spirit of aloha—compassion,
peace, and love.

Yoga had always been a big part of Erin’s life. She trained and received her
RYT200 hours at the Aloha Kula. Before the course was over, she felt the need
to share this beautiful and ancient practice. She is trained in Vinyasa flow with a
heavy emphasis on Iyengar.

Erin became a certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition,
to assist her clients in seeing the larger picture and treating the body as a whole.
She began to notice that combining the elements of her training, her clients were
able to physically, emotionally, and mentally get more out of the sessions.
Erin’s mission with Just Be, is to offer a compassionate and supportive
environment, with a focus on using massage, yoga, meditation, essential oils
and health coaching, to help her clients not only heal, but find balance and
joy in their lives as well.

Erin lives in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware with her husband and two boys. She
enjoys being in nature, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.

Charles Wolfe

Charles Wolfe is director of VegDover, a social and outreach organization promoting healthy, humane, and sustainable eating in Delaware’s capital region. A former meat-lover, Charles discovered the horrors of modern animal agriculture in 2013, and has been on a mission ever since. He leads healthy eating presentations, organizes Meatless Monday events, film screenings and more. Charles is a top-notch vegan home cook and lives in Dover with his wife Melissa, 2 rescue dogs and 1 rescue cat.